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Unit was incorporated in the year 1991 to cater quality foot valves for agriculture use with meager resources and limited manpower. We are one of the eminent names in manufacturing of C.I. Foot Valves, Reflux valves, Bore valve, Ball Valve, Reflux valves, Agricultural Fittings.

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Quality Systems :

We have fully developed Quality Assurance cell which acts as "a customer within". The QA cell's prime responsibility is to ensure that each valve that goes to dispatch section is absolutely as per BIS standards.

Quality Control :

The production system provides for in-line quality control steps like two-pass specification capture, validation and parsing for desired accuracy.

Process QA :

Samples intermediate output from every steps of the live production process ensures integrity of specifications and norms.

Final (Dispatch) QA :

Each valve goes to dispatch section is must be carried out the entire test as per BIS standard IS:10805:1986 as per mention here under.

Dimensions Test:

Each valve check by go and no go gauges like holes diameter, slots width, flat end height, length of threaded portion.

Pipe Thread Test:

Each Valve's internal thread check by gauges which must be conforming to IS:554:1985. "Dimensions for pipe threads where pressures tight joints are required on the threads (third revision)."


Two coats paint conforming to IS:158:1968 shell be applied on each valve.

Seat test:

Each valve shall be held in an upright position and seat shall be subjected to maximum hydrostatic test pressure of 0.02 MPa for 2 minutes during which period there shall be no leakage for this column pipe of 2 meter length may be used.

Housing Test:

Each valve shall be held in upright position and case part shall be held hydrostatic pressure of 0.5 MPa for 2 minutes. There shall be neither any leakage nor permanent distortion of any of the component parts.

K-value test:

One valve from each size and type shall be test in laboratory for friction. The designs of the valve shall be such that K-value shall not exceed the value given below in the entire range of discharge.
  • Valve Type
  • K-value (Friction co-efficient of the valve)
  • Foot-Valve :
  • 0.8
  • Reflux Valve :
  • 0.5
  • Bore Valve with Strainer :
  • 1.4
  • Bore Valve without Strainer :
  • 1.2

System QA :

Bureau of Indian Standards certifies our products as per IS : 10805:1986.